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About Ileys

Quailty Policy

We are truly devoted to continuously develop and improve our Quality Management System which provides basis for measuring and improving our performance. Our management team members are committed to the principles of standard and make sure that they are promoted and collaborated with the organization to support achievement and accomplishment of corporate objectives. In order to achieve a total customer satisfaction and continually improve our business, we have set up the following systems and procedures: Consistent gathering and monitoring of customer feedback A customer complaints procedure Selection and performance monitoring of suppliers against specified criteria Training and development for our employees Constant audit of our internal processes Tangible quality objectives which reflect our business objectives Regular supervision of employee competence and process quality Management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints IDICO is committed to meet IS09001:2015 standard requirements as well as other applicable legal and statutory requirements. Although the Chief Executive Officer has ultimate responsibility for Quality, all employees have a responsibility within their own areas of work to ensure that Quality is embedded within the whole of the company. For this purpose the IDICO Management undertakes to: Establish procedures and practices that will continually improve the effectiveness of por quality management system performance.
  1. Develop and adhere to our work processes, surpass and constantly review our business plans, key objectives and metrics.
  2. Acquire raw materials from authorized facilities and Produce standard detergent products, Store, Handle and Sale in accordance with approved procasses and procedures, Maintain a culture of continual improvement by regularly assessing, the effictiveness of The Management System through internal and external audit activities and management revien
  3. Create awareness and conduct training on OMS ISO 9001:2015 and Customer Requirements for our employees.
The IDICO Management Team and Employees are committed so contribute towards che realisation of our Quality objectives.

Mission Statement


Our strategy is to create long term relationship with our customers through enhanced quality of service, creative marketing, and innovative pricing and cost efficient practices. Our strategy is to further increase our market share by introducing new wave of products and services into the market.


Our Mission is to produce and distribute superior detergent products for our esteemed clients in the East Africa Region. We are committed to deliver high quality and environmentally friendly products in order to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and societal success.


Our Vision is to lead and pioneer the detergent and cleaning materials industry in the East Africa Market by supplying world class and certified products and services to each and every household in the region.

Our Core Values:

The clients and other stakeholders trust us to deliver quality and reliable products which meet their needs. The core values of the enterprise include but are not limited to:

  1. 1.1 Customer focus: We are committed to achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in our products and services.
  2. 1.2 Integrity: We are guided by probity, transparency, accountability and highest business ethics in carrying out our business.
  3. 1.3 Team spirit: We seek to pursue teamwork as a means of building understanding and corporation in our internal and external relationships and as a key attribute to achieving our objectives.
  4. 1.4 Excellence: We seek the highest standards of management, service delivery and professionalism, in everything that we do, through application of professionally competent staff and embrace state-of-the art technology.

Our statement of business practice and the way we work defines our company’s business principles. Our high standard business ethics which are mainly Halaal and Sharia based are evenly applied in our dealings with our Customers, Agents, Contractors, Employees, Suppliers and Others